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We also offer our fresh, homemade authentic Italian Cuisine for large groups & catered events. Please check out our Catering Menu. Please feel free to contact us for more information, or to schedule your next event.

 Party Packages
 Appetizers & Trays
Salads & Desserts

Half Pan (HP) serves 9

Full Pan (FP) serves 18

Celebration #1                                              HP $80   FP $140
One pasta*, house salad and garlic bread
Celebration #2                                             HP $128  FP $230    
Two pastas*, house salad and garlic bread
Celebration #3                                             HP $175  FP $320
One appetizer, two pastas*, house salad and garlic bread


Lunch Box                                                 $9 per person
Turkey and Swiss Panini or Tuna Croissant with bean & barley salad and a brownie
Italian Sub Tray                                      $45 serves 9
Ham, salami, provoline, lettuce, tomato, red onion, peppers, mayo & Italian dressing
16″ Two Topping Pizza                         $15 min (5)
Our New York style thin crust pizza with your choice of any two topping.
Wing Tray                                                 48 ct $42   96 ct $80
Served with your choice of ranch or blue cheese dressing and celery sticks.
Chicken Nugget Tray                           HP $40   FP $70
Hand breaded chicken breast nuggets lightly fried and served on a bed of fries with your choice of dressing.
Appetizer Sampler                               HP $50   FP $90
A combination of Mozzarella sticks, Fried Pickles, Nicknuggets & Jalapeno Cheeseburger sticks. Served on a bed of fries with ranch & marinara
Sausage and Peppers                          HP $55   FP $90
Hot Italian sausage grilled with onions, red and green bell peppers
Meatballs & Marinara                        HP $55   FP $90
Italian seasoned meatballs covered with melted mozzarella cheese & marinara


House Salad                                                HP $20  FP $30
Mixed lettuce, tomato, red onion, black and green olives, pepperoncini peppers and choice of dressing.
Tuscan Salad                                              HP $30  FP $45
Fresh spinach, tomato, red and green bell peppers, black and green olives, and bread cubes, topped with bacon and parmesan cheese. Served with our homemade roasted garlic dressing.
Italian Salad                                               HP $45  FP $75
Romaine lettuce, chickpeas, tomato, red onion, pepperoncini peppers, red bell pepper, arugula, celery, and mixed olives topped with grilled chicken. Served with homemade Italian dressing and romano cheese.
Club Salad                                                   HP $45  FP $75
Mixed lettuce, tomato, red onion, ham, turkey, bacon, then topped with cheddar and swiss cheese.


Chicken Rigatoni                                        HP $66   FP $128
Grilled Chicken with rigatoni, Alfredo sauce, caramelized onions and mushrooms baked with mozzarella cheese
*Fettucine Alfredo                                     HP $48   FP $92
Fettucine tossed in our rich Alfredo sauce.
Beef Lasagna                                               HP $66   FP $128
Layers of pasta, spinach, mushrooms, ricotta, mozzarella, marinara, and romano cheese.
*Baked Ziti                                                   HP $52   FP $94
A combination of pasta, ricotta cheese, marinara, beef and topped with melted mozzarella.
*Stuffed Pasta                                             HP $40   FP $76
Your choice of tri-colored cheese tortellini or cheese ravioli in our rich marinara sauce.
*Spaghetti & Meatballs                           HP $40   FP $76
Spaghetti, marinara and meatballs.
Garlic Bread                                               HP $16   FP $26


Homemade Cannoli                                        $26 Dozen
Homemade Tiramisu                                     Serves 12   $36


Iced Tea or Lemonade                                      Gallon  $8
Bottled Water                                                      $1.5 each    

Perrier or San Pellegrino                               $2 each


Utensils, plates and cups available upon request.     $20 delivery fee       Minimum order $100     24 hrs notice required